Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Pimp MySpace

How to Pimp My Space

 Step 1 Click "Edit Profile" Open up your MySpace page and click on the “Edit Profile” link next to your profile image.
Step 2 Go to site w/ free layouts In a separate browser window or tab, go to a website that provides free layouts and graphics that you can use to beef up your profile.
Step 3 Select layout Select a layout you’d like to use and choose its associated HTML code—the text web programmers use to build webpages.
Step 4 Paste HTML into "About Me" Switch back to your MySpace profile and paste the HTML code into the “About Me” section above your “About Me” text.
Step 5 Add more with same method Use the same copy and paste method to add Flash games, animations, backgrounds, sounds, and graphics.
Step 6 Add visual elements Add visual elements to different sections, like putting a picture in “Who I’d like to meet.”
Step 7 Find site w/ profile editor If you still can’t create the profile you want, find a website that offers a MySpace profile editor in which you can manually design your own completely original layout.
Step 8 Preview profile As you make changes, preview your new layout by clicking “Preview Profile.”
Step 9 Save changes When you’re satisfied, click “Save all Changes” in the settings. The next time someone views your profile, they’ll see your stylish new layout.